Submission IPC-FIS Data Transfer Athlete Consent Form

The International Paralympic Committee, Adenauerallee 212-214, 53113 Bonn, Germany ("IPC", "we" or "us") has transferred the governance of Para alpine skiing, Para snowboard and Para cross country skiing to the International Ski and Snowboard Federation, Marc Hodler House, Blochstraße 2, 3653 Oberhofen/Thunersee, Switzerland (“FIS”). Switzerland is a third country outside the European Union but has an adequacy decision by the EU Commission.

The IPC has transferred the governance of the sport of Para biathlon to the International Biathlon Union (“IBU”). Para biathlon will be integrated into FIS’ general Para sport initiative and managed by the IBU in cooperation with FIS through a joint Steering Committee.

The IPC takes the protection of personal data and its confidential treatment very seriously. In the document Data Protection Information for Athletes, we inform you about how the IPC will process your personal data within the context of transferring the governance of the World Para Snow Sports to FIS and the related rights to which you are entitled.

In order to transfer your non-public personal and health data from the IPC Sport Data Management System (SDMS) to the FIS Para Snow Sports Data Management System (FPDMS), we kindly ask each Para snow sport athlete and guide, primarily those who wish to continue participating in Para snow sport events, to download, sign, and submit the Data Protection Consent Form for Athletes.

If you have access to the SDMS Athlete Portal, you can submit your consent electronically without signing the paper copy.

Select the current or last National Paralympic Committee (NPC) you represented. SDMS ID will be controlled against the NPC.
Please enter personal SDMS ID. You can find the number either on your latest classification forms or on the classification master list published on
If you are retired, please enter your latest family name(s) during your active career.
If you are retired, please enter your latest given name(s) during your active career.
Download the Data Protection Consent Form for Athletes and sign it electronically or on paper. Paper-signed versions must be scanned/snapshot. Then click "Browse" and select the file from your device. You can upload your consent as PDF file or JPG image, maximum file size = 4MB.

Note: If consent was already provided for this athlete, any new submission will be ignored unless the previous submission was rejected (e.g. due to unaccepted consent form).