IPC Sport Data Management System
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IPC Sport Data Management System

How do I get an account?

Accounts are only granted to National Paralympic Committees (NPCs), IPC Classifiers, and the IPC management team. As NPC, please use the NPC account activation form to be found below. Otherwise, please contact the IPC directly.

We would like to welcome you to the IPC Sport Data Management System ("SDMS") in fifth generation. We hope that the new design and enhanced functionalities support you even more in the manifold processes that SDMS supports you with. Likewise, your assistance in keeping the data as up to date and accurate as possible is highly appreciated. We welcome feedback on your experiences with using the system and with the processes implemented within.

The application provides the following tools:

  • Athletes and guides registration in all World Para sports
  • Full classification management
  • Licence Management according to the seasonal IPC Licensing Programme
  • IPC Athlete & Licence Cards
  • World Para sports calendar incl. competition approvals & management of World Para sports officials
  • Results Management
  • Records Validation
  • Calculation of the sport-specific rankings
  • IPC Online Entry System
  • IPC Team Uniform Inspection