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IPC Sport Data Management System


5 April 2024
Temporary SDMS Shutdown
SDMS will be shut down on 7-8 May 2024. Due to a migration of the SDMS servers, all SDMS applications and relevant services will not be available. Please plan your activities in SDMS around these dates. It is planned that the services are back in full operation in the course of 8 May 2024. Thank you very much for your understanding.
15 December 2023
Para Dance Sport closed in SDMS
Today, we have closed the access to Para dance sport data in IPC SDMS to initiate the data transfer from the IPC to World Abilitysport according to the Data Protection Information for Athletes.
Para dance sport access privileges are revoked, Para-dance-sport-specific user accounts are removed. Instead, NPCs or designated national sport federations shall contact World Abilitysport from Wednesday, 24 January 2024, onwards to request access to the World Abilitysport - Sport Management System (WA-SMS). Thank you very much for your understanding.
2 October 2023
Summer Season 2024
The Licensing Programme for 2024 is now officially open. All invoices for license fees have been generated and are available for immediate download. The annual informational letter has been distributed to all NPCs. For details and further instructions, please reach out to your respective NPC. Note that the standard procedures for registration and licensing for the year 2024 will remain consistent with those of 2023.


Athlete Login

NPCs may and should activate access to SDMS for their athletes. The SDMS Athlete Portal initially enables athletes to give direct consent to the newest version of IPC Athlete Eligibility Agreement. In the next months and years, the interface will be extended with more athlete-focussed features.

> IPC SDMS Athlete Portal

About SDMS

We would like to welcome you to the IPC Sport Data Management System ("SDMS") in fifth generation. We hope that the new design and enhanced functionalities support you even more in the manifold processes that SDMS supports you with. Likewise, your assistance in keeping the data as up to date and accurate as possible is highly appreciated. We welcome feedback on your experiences with using the system and with the processes implemented within. [Read more...]

The application provides the following tools:

  • Athletes and guides registration in all World Para sports
  • Full classification management
  • Licence Management according to the seasonal IPC Licensing Programme
  • Athlete & Licence Cards
  • World Para sports calendar incl. competition approvals & management of World Para sports officials
  • Results Management
  • Records Validation
  • Calculation of the sport-specific rankings
  • Accreditation
  • Online Entry System
  • Team Uniform Inspection
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How do I get an account?

Accounts are only granted to National Paralympic Committees (NPCs), World Para Sport Classifiers, and the IPC management team. As NPC, please use the NPC account activation form to be found below. Otherwise, please contact the IPC directly.

> NPC Account Request Form