Available courses

    This course is for all WPS Technical Officials with Level 4 Certificate.

    Stay update, exchange your thoughts, have discussion on rules, competitions, etc.

    This is for you to learn and develop yourself!

    Within this learning hub you will find a range of documents to help you in your work as an IPC educator/course facilitator

    - Discussion forums

    - Links

    - PDFs

    - Assessments

    - Reference material

    - CPD and training documents

    - Announcements page

    The World Para Powerlifting Webinar Series is a course for participants in the Webinar Series to access the calendar and access links.

    The World Para Powerlifting Introduction to the Sport Course is a course for those who are interested or new to the sport; whether an athlete, coach, technical official or administrator, all are invited to raise the bar and learn the basics!

    The World Para Powerlifting Introduction to LiftED Course is a course for various stakeholders to introduce the Lift Educational Video Database platform, understand its benefits and to learn how to use it.

    Pre and post course additional learning and development content and materials