PLY Registration

Dear Athlete,

We are excited to offer you an opportunity to register for post-nominal letters (PLY) to honour you for all your commitment, dedication and hard work towards the Paralympic Movement.

Post-nominal letters are placed after a person's name to indicate that they hold a position, honour, or is a member of a fraternity. Like with other post nominal letters e.g. PHD, PLY can be used alongside your name, on social media, cv, business cards, presentations, email signature, etc. In summary, PLY can be used anywhere you use your name.

Andrew Parsons
International Paralympic Committee

Jitske Visser
IPC Athletes' Council

Please complete the registration form below personally. If you require support with the registration process, please ensure that you still review and understand the Eligibility Criteria, the PLY Code of Conduct and the Privacy Policy before submitting your registration form.

Select the last NPC you represented.
Any communication regarding the PLY programme is sent to this email address.
Please select one of the Paralympic Games you competed in. List of disciplines will be populated on selection.
Please select the discipline you competed in. List of medal events will be populated on selection.
Please select one of the medal events you competed in. List of athletes eligible for PLY will be populated on selection.
Please select your entry from the IPC historical results to verify your participation. If you are not in the list, please tick the next box 'I am missing in the IPC results' and provide more information when and where you competed as a Paralympian.
We are sorry to hear that your entry is missing in the historical results of the IPC. In the following text box, please provide more information on when and where you competed at Paralympic Games, and any additional information for identification (e.g. your full name at that time, the country you represented ...). Thank you!


The results data of the IPC Historical Results Archive is based on information contained/ sourced in the original hardcopy final results publications. Some information from earlier Paralympic Games (i.e. 1960-1988) such as relay and team members are not presented in these source. Therefore, final results, medal standings and derived statistics may not be complete. If you encounter any inaccuracies or errors, please do not hesitate to send a message to sdmsadmin[at]paralympic[dot]org with the details and proving materials.

Important note on the definition of participants: Only athletes that appear in the official results books in the section of final results are included in the database and counted towards participant statistics. Data since 2014 are accurate. Statistics for previous Games editions are under review.

Important note on competition partners: Competition partners eligible for medals are included in the combined participant statistics until 2000 (concerning pilots in tandem cycling). Statistics for 2008 and beyond consider athletes with an impairment and their competition partners separately.